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Our Business

At Narmo, we believe that the most important way we help you stay disciplined, focused and on track is our comprehensive step-by-step advisory process. This process is designed to uncover your full range of financial needs, from wealth planning to wealth protection to preserving your legacy. This allows us to build customized financial strategies to organize, preserve and grow wealth in line with our client’s plans.
Narmo’s disciplined and discerning professional team regularly perform due diligence to the highest industry standards and analyze industries to identify specific investment opportunities and trends. Opportunities are selected on a clearly defined set of criteria. Portfolio construction and asset allocation is executed to the highest degree of alignment with our clients needs.

What are our USPs?

- Proven track record of capital preservation combined with long-term growth
- Independent advice on allocation and investment - no conflict of interest
- One stop solution providing cost conscious institutional financial advice
- Tailor-made financial solutions aligning clients risk/reward targets
- Professional team with 50+ years of combined financial services experience