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About us

Narmo is an independent financial advisory firm with a long-term global approach to wealth preservation and wealth planning. We provide professional advice on customized financial strategies to plan, preserve and grow wealth for our clients. Our prime aim is to help our clients achieve their long-term financial goals through providing value at every point of contact.
We are a financial advisory firm geared towards delivering comprehensive unbiased financial advice for institutional clients and high net worth individuals. Narmo was selected to serve as the main advisor to several prominent family offices. Narmo advises its clients on the best risk/reward asset allocation and identifies suitable best-in-class investments for selected mandates.

Our clients are institutions and high net worth individuals. To exceed our clients expectations Narmo primarily focuses on;
1) Tailor-made Portfolio Construction and Asset Allocation
2) Comprehensive Investment Advisory and Investment Strategy Review Process
3) Disciplined Portfolio Monitoring and Risk Assessment Procedures
4) Tailor-made Generational Financial Planning
5) Delivering Superior Performance via Optimized Risk/Reward Analysis of Deal Flow
6) Teaming up with superior investment partners through our network